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How do I purchase SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Cards?

You can purchase SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Cards online via our websites and in-store. At the moment, purchase of SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Cards is only available in Malaysia.

Can I purchase multiple SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Cards online? 

Yes. You can only purchase multiple SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card for each online transaction. You may also visit in-store to purchase multiple SHOPLOOOH Gift Cards.

    Are there any fees associated with the SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card?

    No. You will only be charged the amount mentioned on the SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card.

    Can I choose the value of a SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card I want to purchase?

    You can choose among E-Gift Card at amount RM100 & RM200

      Can I buy a SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card for myself and How could I send the E-Gift Card to present others?

      Yes. Upon completion of the purchase, the SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card will be delivered to your email. 

      Open the email that consist the SHOPLOOOH E-Gift card and select schedule the Card. And fill in the details of the recipient. Then the recipient will receive his/her gift card via email.

      I want a printed SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card to present to someone as a gift. How do I do this?

      Simply open the SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card that send to your email. Click ‘Print the gift card’ under the Code of gift card. The printout can be redeemed for purchase online or at SHOPLOOOH stores. 

      Will I earn SHOPLOOOH Wonderland membership points for purchasing SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Cards? 

      Yes, you can still earn the points of membership and advance your membership tiers based on the amount you spend on the SHOPLOOOH e-gift card. Points will not be credited to the person redeeming the E-Gift Card

        How do I cancel the purchase of a SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card? 

        Once the payment is made, a SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card purchase cannot be cancelled.


          What exactly will I receive when I purchase a SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card?

          You will receives an email which contains the SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card, along with options: View the card on your own or schedule the gift card.The gift card consist E-Gift Card value, and Gift Card Code to apply during check out.

          How would the SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card I purchased online be sent to the recipient? 

          Open the email which consist the gift card and choose ‘Schedule the gift card. Fill in the details of recipient such as email address, personalized message, and date to receive. The SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card will be sent to the recipient on the date you scheduled.

            Where can the SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card be used and when be expired?  

            SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Cards can be used for online purchase or in-store of SHOPLOOOH in Malaysia.

            SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Cards bought in-stores expire 1 year from date of purchase.

            Can I top up more value to a SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card after purchase? 

            No. Once the purchase is complete, you cannot add more value to a SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card. 

            How can I redeem a SHOPLOOOH Gift Card online?

            Step 1: Ensure that you have your SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card code.

            Step 2: On the checkout page in the payment option section, enter your SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card code.

            Step 3: You will see the SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card amount deducted from your total order.

            Can I make partial redemptions with SHOPLOOOH e-gift card? 

            No, you can't select how much you wish to pay with your SHOPLOOOH E-Gift Card. 

            For order value below value of E-Gift Card, the remaining value will be kept for your next purchase. The remaining value will be updated and reflected on your E-gift card.

            For order value above value of E-Gift Card, then you need to pay for the remaining amount with another payment option.

              Can I redeem multiple gift cards in a single transaction?

              Yes. You can use more than one SHOPLOOOH E-gift card in a single order, for each purchases.

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