H+ Healing Cushion 美容气垫粉 (SPF 50+ / PA+++)

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Brand: Skin House

H+ Healing Cushion , different from all the make up cushion in the market. This contains 99% of skin care ingredient and 1% of make up ingredient providing us a healthy skin while putting your make up on. 

Many of us have been focusing on concealing, long lasting, water proof effect, packaging and ext... while choosing 
make up product but what we have neglected the most is- our skin health.
[ Apart from providing us a good coverage base /whitening and brightening effect, the ingredients in H+ Healing Cushion contain cell regenerating effect which helps in calming sensitive skin and scar healing, giving us a healthy and glowing skin! ]
拥有99% 美容保养成分 1%的化妆品,就是H+Cushion 美容气垫粉

H+ Cushion的出现改变了韩国化妆市场一般的底妆专注遮瑕,持久性,防水,易用,包装精美等等..但它们却遗忘了最重要的一环-皮肤健康!!

[ 它拥有所有的底妆的好处,而且能够令皮肤更健康,有效抗皱,锁水,美白,镇静及更新皮肤, 由内向外让肌肤美美的!]