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Invisible V Bra

$39.00 MYR


Step by Step Guide:

1. Make sure your bust area is clean and free of oil and other residue. Don’t apply perfume, moisturize or any type of skin care product around your bust area. They will affect the bra’s stickiness.

2. Stand in front of mirror, wear one side at a time. Hold the v-bra with both of your hand, flip it inside out. Ensure bra 45 degrees onto each breast and is placed upwards to give the best push up effect.

3. Press the edge of v-bra to ensure it sticks on your skin properly.Repeat the same to the other side. Make sure they are at the same height.

4. Clip them together with the clasp in front. Now, you are ready to enjoy the freedom and comfort of this v-bra.


To wash:

1. Gently rinse the worn v-bra with water and mild soap.

2. Air-dry them.

3. Keep them back into its’ original packaging, with plastic stick on v-bra and put them on the bra tray.


Available in Black & Beige colour.

Sizes: Cup A/B, Cup C/D


-          Perfect for wearing backless, strapless and deep V apparels

-          Excellent adhesiveness

-          Excellent push up effect

-          Washable and reusable


Material: 100% Polyurethane outer covering and filled with 100% Silicone


Comment from Owner, Audrey:

Wear it from day to night for more than 15 hours, it is very adhesive and doesn’t show a sign falling off. Very great push up effect which gives significant cleavage!

(Bust size: 34C, wearing Cup C/D)