SHOPLOOOH 创立于 2013年,以带给大家简约又不失时尚感的休闲服饰为出发点,让每个女孩儿们都可以负担的服饰。

Do Small Things with Great Love

在乎每个细微的小细节,无论是亲自出国挑选回来的服饰,或者从设计,剪裁,打版,选料到生产过程都亲自参与的自订款系列 SHOPLOOOH label (时装)





shoplooohT 系列,更是将我们的品牌理念 (爱与坚持),品牌标语和带给我们正能量的字句,融入了在生活中常常会穿到的T-Shirt,通过 shoplooohT这样的方式,透过自己那小小的力量,将更多理念与正能量传递给大家。

Enjoy the Little Things

享受生活中的点滴,就像 SHOPLOOOH服饰上的小细节,细细品尝即可发现,简单却富有特色,不抢眼却耐人寻味。


It’s the Little Things Make Life Big




Founded in 2013, SHOPLOOOH aims to bring casual wear that is simple yet fashionable at an affordable price for every girl.

Do Small Things with Great Love
A great amount of care went into every detail, whether it is going abroad to choose ready-made clothing or making our own, its design, sketching, cutting, material selection to the manufacturing process is done personally. We have put a lot of thought and consideration into SHOPLOOOH label, SHOPLOOOH basic, SHOPLOOOH shoes and SHOPLOOOH bag, in hopes of presenting the best to everyone. 

We have incorporated our brand philosophy (love and persistence) into our shoplooohT series, as it has brought us positivity and the will to push on in the face of adversity. Using something that can be worn on a daily basis, shoplooohT, we wish to spread this belief and positivity to the world.

Enjoy the Little Things
Enjoy the little things in life, just as in SHOPLOOOH’s clothing, slowly you will realise the uniqueness in its simplicity. Although it won’t be as eye-catching, it would make others unable to help themselves but be intrigued.
Every member of the SHOPLOOOH team enjoys the balance between work and life, we use different channels to connect with you personally, letting you experience the little things that are most important to us. 

It’s the Little Things Make Life Big
Every bit of the littlest details is what completes SHOPLOOOH
We hope that by passionately living your life and enjoying life’s littlest things, you can become the best that you can be