SHOPLOOOH, pronounced as “Shop-Loh” which is a familiar slang for all Malaysians, with the idea of providing you an online shopping platform full of happiness and relaxation.


SHOPLOOOH is managed by the couple, Garrick & Audrey. Garrick was a sales representative of a branded electrical company while Audrey was a food technologist working in Singapore who had never thought of doing online business together before.


Yet, the incident happened in Year 2011 changed their life thoroughly. In July of 2011, Garrick met a serious accident which caused a huge damage to his spinal cord near the neck resulting in lack of dexterity in his upper limb, not to mention the lower part of his body. He was warded in Intensive Care Unit for two weeks and another 10 days in normal ward due to lung inflammation caused by complications of the accident. From that time, Garrick’s life was full of medicine, physiotherapy, and hospital. He was so weak that he was warded every two month after the accident for a year. That was the toughest period of their life.


Things get better and better after a year. With the companion of his family and Audrey, Garrick remains his cheerful, optimistic and determination. He has been doing his physiotherapy every day after the accident to improve himself bit by bit. And now, he can do many things by himself which is much better than expected.


There was one day Garrick mumbled to Audrey that he might not be able to work as normal to earn any income with some disappointment. So this phrase comes to Audrey’s mind immediately, “When god closes a door, somewhere He opened a window”. Yes, there will always a way out there. And this is how SHOPLOOOH born.


With the support and encouragement of family and friends, the couple starts their online business on the April of 2013, bringing fashionable and pocket friendly apparels with assured quality to you.


The sudden accident might have affected their life significantly, yet, at the same time, it does let them know that there is nothing more important than cherish your loved one before it’s too late. Although Garrick is now physical disabled, yet there are still lots of things they could do together: To own their own business, to support each other, to love each other.


Now, ShopLoooh is their business where they are able to live on. We hope that ShopLoooh is not only a place where bring you pretty clothing but also a place full of encouragement at your down time. 


Do remember,


“When there is a will, there is a way”  

Never give up!