Brand Story


In the year of 2013, SHOPLOOOH was established in Malaysia. The LOOOH in SHOPLOOOH comes from the Malaysian slang, loh! SHOPLOOOH means, let’s shop!   

SHOPLOOOH  was founded by Garrick and Audrey.

Before the birth of SHOPLOOOH, Garrick was previously a salesman of a famous China electrical appliance company in Malaysia while Audrey was a food technologist at a Japanese food ingredient company in Singapore. At the time, they just entered into society, not have had a plan about their future, not thinking about starting a business, much less start a business together. 

 In July of 2011, Garrick’s life took a turn for the worse due to a terrible accident. Garrick’s cervical spinal nerves were damaged, and the doctor concluded that he could no longer move or feel any part of his body below the chest.  In the youth of his life at 25, this piece of news felt like looming dark clouds that will never disperse on what was supposed to be a sunny day on his future. 

After a long month of treatment, he was finally discharged. From that day onwards, Garrick’s day to day consisted of medicine and rehabilitation. Due to a bacterial infection in his lungs when he was hospitalized, his immune system became very weak. No matter how hard he tried, he could not recover from mere illnesses. Even in the two years after being discharged,  he would be hospitalized every 2-3 months due to various discomforts and illnesses such as inflammations, fevers, etc. After struggling for those two years, Garrick was frustrated and had a grim outlook on life to the point where he considered taking his own life.

However, he was very lucky. So very lucky, to have his parents and Audrey by his side. Shedding light on his dark times by giving him love and support unconditionally. Accompanying him throughout two of the most difficult years of his life.  

On a particular day, Garrick felt dispirited and said to Audrey, ‘Hey, I don’t think I’ll be able to go out and work.‘ This simple sentence made Audrey’s heart ache with sadness as Garrick used to be a person who loved to be out and about, talking to just about anyone about anything. Is this it? Is this what his life is going to be all about? Isn’t there anything that can be done?

"When God closes a door, He opens a window "

The year 2013 was when the internet bubble was booming, and this allowed Audrey and Garrick to restart at a completely different starting point without affecting their situation at the time. They chose e-commerce and selling their clothing online as they worked their way to their goal, which is creating the ideal SHOPLOOOH

At the beginning, Audrey would go to and fro from Malaysia to Singapore every week. From designing, stock takes, stocks orders, photoshoots and taking care of new arrivals, everything was done by herself on top of the job that she has. While Garrick is responsible for the networking, marketing, customer service. At the same time, he was also working hard to rehabilitate and recuperate himself.

This went on for two years. Then Audrey made one of the most important decisions of her life, she gave up her high paying job in Singapore and returned to Malaysia to work on their dream fully. 

With each other’s love and persistence, they have managed to walk step by step together out of the shadows and into the light while building a solid foundation on the internet for SHOPLOOOH and in 2016, SHOPLOOOH opened its first physical store. Now; on the internet, SHOPLOOOH has a group of supporters who love the brand.

In addition to selling clothing, Audrey and Garrick hopes that they can bring the ‘love’ and ‘persistence’ that has supported them through these years to the public by using their story and their brand influence online as they believe in using their own power to spread love and positivity to everyone in reach. Wishing everyone can look beautiful on the outside while having a heart full of love on the inside. 

“When there is love, there is hope.

as long as you are persistent, there is no hurdle that you cannot overcome.”


SHOPLOOOH,马来西亚读音,shoploh!购物咯~ 2013年这马来西亚品牌诞生了!

SHOPLOOOH 是由Garrick Audrey创办。 

其实在这之前,Garrick 是一家中国著名电器品牌马来西亚分公司的销售员,而 Audrey是在一家日本食品公司新加坡分部的食品研究员,当时的他们都是社会新鲜人,还没在为自己的未来打算,也没有想过要做生意,更没有想过要一起创业。

就在 20117月,发生了一件改变 Garrick一生命运的事!他发生了一场严重的交通意外。当时医生诊断 Garrick的颈椎神经线几乎断裂,胸部以下无法动弹与感觉。这消息让他晴天霹雳,彻底没有了未来。当时的他,25岁。

在医院治疗了整整一个月的时间他终于出院了。而 Garrick出院后的生活就是天天不断的在复健与吃药。也因为在住院期间发生了肺部细菌感染的缘故,导致他身体非常的虚弱,不管他怎么努力,身体就是一直无法好转。在出院后的两年内,他几乎每 2-3个月就会因多种不适,发炎,发烧等,进出医院。在那两年里不断的发生的困境,令 Garrick十分的沮丧和消极,甚至有轻身的念头。

但他很幸运,很辛运,很幸运的,身边有父母与 Audrey的陪伴,在精神上与行动上都给予了无限的爱和鼓励,陪同他度过了最艰难的那两年。 

在过后的某一天,Garrick 忽然间很失望的跟 Audrey说:唉,我都不可以出去工作了,这简单的一句话让 Audrey听了很心痛,难过。因为一位以前天天在外头奔走,喜欢与人打交道,那么活跃于社会的人,他的一生就这样完了吗?就真的什么都不能做了?


 2013 年是网络崛起发达的年代,为了能让 Audrey 在不影响当下工作的情况下,Garrick 还能有个起点重新出发,他们便选择了电子商务,就这样开启了他们的目标 SHOPLOOOH,网络服饰品牌!

创业初期, Audrey 每星期新加坡,马来西亚两地跑,从订货,拍摄,上新,设计都自己包办。Garrick 负责网络行销与客户服务部分的同时,也还是坚持努力的做复健。就这样熬了2年,Audrey 也做了她人生中非常重要的决定,放弃了新加坡高薪的工作,回到马来西亚和 Garrick一起全力以赴。

因为彼此的爱与坚持,带领着他们一步一步的走下去,让 SHOPLOOOH在网络上有了一定的基础,也在 2016年开了 SHOPLOOOH第一家实体店,现在在网络上也拥有一群爱戴 SHOPLOOOH这个品牌的粉丝们。

SHOPLOOOH 除了售卖服饰以外,也希望可以把一直支持着他们的坚持,透过他们的故事以及在网络平台的影响力,让更多的人知道坚持的力量。用自己那小小的力量传递更多爱与正能量给大家,希望大家在SHOPLOOOH除了外表打扮的美美的,内心也有满满的爱。