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Flower Bambi Full Print Tailor Dress (Light Beige)

$159.00 MYR

Bambi Flower Full Print Lining Crop Top (Beige)

$119.00 MYR

Full Print Bambi Midi Skirt (Light Beige)

$129.00 MYR

Bambi Lining Linen Jumpsuit (Brown)

$159.00 MYR

B for Bambi Crop Knit Vest (Beige)

$119.00 MYR

Peekaboo Bambi A-Line Shorts (Light Brown)

$109.00 MYR

Outline Bambi Denim Jacket (Dark Brown)

$199.00 MYR

Bambi Embroidery Furry Shoulder Bag (Beige)

$119.00 MYR

Bambi Chenille Embroidery Tee (Cream)

$99.00 MYR

Bambi Waist Embroidery and Pocket Pants (Light Brown)

$149.00 MYR

Bambi Applique Padded Tank Top (Cream)

$109.00 MYR